ORC Week 5: Headboard and Progress Update

Here we are in the 5th week of our master bedroom makeover for the One Room Challenge..gulp! I can be a  bit of a procrastinator so it helps me to have these deadlines. However, I will probably be cutting it close since there is still lots to do. You can catch up on the progress of the previous weeks here:
                       1                         2                               3                                4                                                                
However, this has been a productive week:
The hubs made these beautiful deep shadow boxes and I used a lot of hot glue to make some shell art. This will most likely go above our dresser. I'll post a tutorial on these babies soon.
I showed a preview on Intstagram of our DIY headboard! The height of it really makes a statement and I'm loving it! Now, I need to figure out if I want anything above our bed. I did have a black mirror, but I think it might be too large for the space. Also, this week, the curtains got lengthened by my friend Janet who offered to sew them for me. Talk about nice! She can sew well and faster than me.  I think they turned out pretty with the pleats. I have some pillows to sew and so you're seeing an image with me playing with fabrics. The bench is 95% done. I need to finish cutting off the excess fabric. I decided to paint the legs black and put a peacock green blue fabric on it to give it a rich color.

Big Craigslist deal this week. We bought two armories for a steal. The front one we'll keep for the bedroom and the second one we'll sell. We are planning to paint them this weekend. What do you think: white or gray paint? I plan on using gold pulls. Hmmm... I better make my decision today.  We have a sprayer, so that will help speed up the process (cross your fingers).

Also, I will be picking up this desk today. Next week, Steve and I celebrate our 15 year anniversary. I'm really glad we decided to do this challenge so we can have a beautiful space that we can enjoy. I love that guy!

Here's what still needs to happen this week:
-Sew pillows
-Finish dresser
-paint armoire
-put desk together
-hang photos and artwork
-finish bench
-Style and shoot

No big deal right? Now, I'm off to see what some of the other ORC challengers are up to. Come back here next Thursday for the reveal.


One Room Challenge, Week 4 Art and DIY's

Thanks for stopping by today to see the progress of our master bedroom. You guys, this past week flew! There is still lots to accomplish in the room and I'm glad we have a deadline of six weeks since it pushes me to get it done. Cue the panic attack (Just kidding)! This weekend we'll have some time between kid's sport activities to finish most of the DIY projects. Fingers crossed.
You would be so proud of me, I finally ordered some photos of our family and places we love. Why does it take me so long? I like the idea of black and white photos to keep it simple for our room. Here are some art inspirations for our room.
Mostly there are cute family faces in black and white, but I also printed off some pictures I took of Martha's Vineyard where we like to go every summer. This is one of them:
I'm also working on some shell art in the shadow boxes that my hubby made. My collection of shells is not this extensive but here is an inspiration image:
I'm also looking at a floor length mirror for one of the walls. I looked at HomeGoods the other day and they have quite a few that might look good. I better make a decision soon. I like this one from Kirkland's too.

The headboard is almost done. We installed DIY French cleats for the backing and I used a white heavyweight curtain as the fabric. We still need to put on the upholstery tacks.
Lots of our DIYs are started or almost done, so I hope to have more completed pictures for you next week. You can see what I've done in week 1,2, and 3. Stop by and check out my friend's progress in the ORC and the 20 designers who are all working hard.


Kirkland's Look for Less Spring Updates

Kirkland's Refreshing Spring Updates
Spring is a great tine to refresh your home and get good deals on home decor. I shop a lot of thrift stores and yard sales because you know I love bargains. However, Kirkland's is a store where you will consistently find good deals on their furniture and home decor. Kirkland's asked me what some of my favorite items were for Spring. I gathered up some of their beautiful items and compared their prices with similar stores.

1. Lamps can be pricey. This Kirkland's blue glass lamp for $60 is pretty. The same look for $157.
2. I love the look of lanterns for outdoor or indoor use. Kirkland's lantern $25. Comparable to Wayfair's lantern $124.
3. Chalkboard beverage dispenser $30. This would be so fun to use for summer entertaining. Pottery Barn's price is $60-$70 for a similar look. I need one of these!
4. Kirkland's blue pillow $14. Similar pillow $30.
5. Kirkland's mirror $150. The design on this mirror is lovely. Horchow's mirror $371.25.
6. Kirkland's geometric pillow $17 is a great price.
7. Chalkboard with hooks $50.
8. Kirkland's metal tray $40. Similar tray for $56.
9. I really love the shape of these over sized vases. Kirkland's $30. Pottery Barn's same look $100-$200.

Happy shopping! They're having lots of Spring sales right now too.

*All opinions are my own.


Master Bedroom: One Room Challenge Week 3

It's week three and the half way mark for the One Room Challenge. You can see my design plan and week two. There is still so much to do. Acckk! There are several DIY projects we're working on and those take awhile, but somehow I know it will all get done. Here's the low down:
This week, I switched out our lamps for these tall beauties. I scored these awhile ago at a thrift store andI had painted them yellow and recently I painted them a gray. What do you think? Should I keep them gray or give them a pop of coral? I also got a great deal on the lampshades at Target. They had all their lampshades on sale the other day, so if you need something like that, you'll find a good price. I also got some beautiful baskets on sale at JoAnn's. These side tables are also really old. Steve's grandfather gave them to us and they were looking pretty shabby but with a little paint and fixing they make the perfect side tables.
This week we cut out the shape of our headboard.  It will get covered and hung this week. Anyone can make this headboard and I'm excited to show you how we did it.

Also, this week the hubs made shadow boxes. I haven't determined if we will be putting three of these with shells above our bed or on another wall. I'll post soon how these were made.

                        The dresser is getting de-glossed and lime waxed and it's looking good.
Here are some of the fabrics I will be using for pillows. The blue toile print is a beautiful Pottery Barn quilt I will probably use at the bottom of our bed (we've had this for awhile). I still need to get fabric to lengthen the curtains.
Lansdale Bouquet in Spring, 173070. http://www.fschumacher.com/search/ProductDetail.aspx?sku=173070 #Schumacher
I also ordered a pillow from this Etsy store with this gorgeous Schumacher fabric. Love! That's it for me this week. Off to work on some projects! Thanks for checking in with the progress of our room. I will be posting all tutorials soon. Go check out more amazing bloggers who are doing the ORC, they will be showing their progress too.


The Master Bedroom, week two of the ORC

Welcome to week two of the One Room Challenge. This week has been a bit slow in the progress stage of our master bedroom. We did have Spring break, Easter and a fun trip to Philadelphia so we'll blame the 'not much progress' on that. I hope you had a good Easter too. I do want to share more of my plans with you and some of the items I will be working on. 

The bench is something we've owned for awhile but it's going to now get a different look with lime waxing the legs and a cushion top. I think it will look good at the end of our bed. The big help here is I'm 'shopping' my house or playing the 'let's rearrange the furniture game.' The chair is something I got at a barn sale for $5 and felt like I should rescue it. However, this pretty thing has been sitting in the basement for awhile now so hopefully, I'll have time to recover it and paint the legs and arms. 
I could use this mirror in here, we've had it too for awhile now. The gold frame needs to be glued but was a great thrift store find. 

The bed will get a headboard and I found this great graphic to help me decide on the shape. I'm thinking we'll do the Belgrave style or the Grosvenor. 
DIY tufted headboard tutorial

I keep thinking about this headboard with the nail head trim. Amazing right? 

Everything You Ever Needed to Know
Now for some pillow talk. Pillows with some color will be important for the room to get a snazzy pop of color. I'm thinking a lumbar pillow might be really great. I'm still working on the fabrics so I'm sure I will show you next week. 

Here's my To do list:

-Lengthen the curtains
-Make Roman shades
-Paint lamps (already own) coral
-New (woven) baskets for side tables
-Distress dresser and put on new hardware 
-DIY Headboard with nailhead trim
-Distress bench (already own) and upholster
-DIY shadow boxes
-Print black and white pictures of our family and places we love
-Sew pillow covers

That's it for me today. Be sure to check out the ORC linkers and the designers who have some inspiring ideas and projects.


ORC: Master Bedroom Makeover Plan

I'm excited to join Linda's One Room Challenge again! This is not a competition but a six week
challenge to push yourself to finish a room. Here are a couple of my other rooms I've done in the past:
                               Tween daughter's room                            Laundry room
For those of you who are coming over from Linda's site, let me introduce myself. I live in Maryland near
horse country and the Potomac river. My husband and I like to work on DIY projects together and we
have four girls. I love classic styles and pops of color. I love being a mom, running, baking and making
our home feel welcoming and happy.

The room I chose to work on is our master bedroom. Aka: The room on the back burner. We've lived in
our home for two years and the only big thing we did was to paint the walls. I did get some new curtains at
Marshall's awhile back too. When we moved in we got a King bed and some new white bedding.  Here's
the room in it's state right now.
See what I mean about back burner? Why do we have the kid's electric piano in here? The double doors
lead to our bathroom.
We've had this dresser for a long time. Last year I finally changed out the wooden knobs, but I think this
dresser might look better if I de-glossed it and took off the stain.
                                                      Don't you love this nice blank slate?

Master Bedroom Makeover Plan

headboard   lamp  chair  dresser  bench  pillow

We have our work cut out for us if we're making a headboard, bench and changing the look of the dresser. A gallery wall of black and white family pictures would be nice too. This will be fun! Please come back on Thursdays to check on the progress of the room. Also, don't miss the other twenty designers who will not disappoint to inspire you. 


Affordable Kitchen Stools

Our kitchen island still houses mismatched chairs. When we first moved in I wanted to change them
right away but we needed curtains, rugs and paint and ... lots of things. Our island, in the kitchen has
a curve and can easily seat four in which chairs with a backing would look best. However, I do love
the look of backless stools as well. Recently, I've found some affordable kitchen stools that might help
you and me find something either neutral or with a color pop that works for your kitchen.
Affordable Kitchen Stools

1. Director's Chair $74          2. X Back $105                        3. Tufted $100               4. Windsor $90
5. Mint x2 $89                      6. Mustard Metal $80                7. Industrial $84            8. Pop of Red $70